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2-Year Hardware Protection

2-Year Hardware Protection

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Service Coverage:

  • Hardware Malfunctions: This service package covers any hardware malfunctions that occur within the designated two-year period. This includes failures of internal components such as CPU, GPU, RAM, motherboard, storage drives, power supply unit (PSU), and peripherals such as keyboard and mouse if purchased as part of the package.
  • Technical Support: Access to technical support via phone, email, or live chat for troubleshooting assistance and guidance with hardware-related issues.
  • Parts Replacement: Replacement of malfunctioning hardware components with equivalent or better quality parts.
  • Labor Costs: Coverage for the labor costs associated with diagnosing and repairing hardware issues.
  • Repair Turnaround Time: Guaranteed repair turnaround time to ensure prompt service and minimal downtime for the customer.
  • Remote Assistance: Remote troubleshooting and assistance for minor issues to expedite problem resolution without the need for physical inspection.


  • Accidental Damage: This service package does not cover accidental damage such as drops, spills, or physical damage caused by mishandling or improper use.
  • Software Issues: Coverage does not extend to software-related problems, including operating system issues, software installation/configuration, or virus/malware infections.
  • Cosmetic Damage: Cosmetic damage or superficial wear and tear are not covered under this package.
  • Third-Party Modifications: Any hardware modifications or repairs performed by unauthorized third parties will void the service agreement.
  • Obsolete Hardware: If a particular hardware component becomes obsolete or unavailable during the coverage period, the service may provide an equivalent replacement rather than an exact match.

Additional Benefits:

  • Priority Service: Customers enrolled in this service package receive priority service over non-subscribers, ensuring quicker response times and expedited repairs.
  • Discounts on Upgrades: Exclusive discounts on hardware upgrades or accessories purchased through our authorized channels.
  • Periodic Maintenance: Optional periodic maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the hardware components covered under the service agreement.
  • Service Tracking: Online portal or mobile app access for tracking the status of repair requests and monitoring service history.
  • Extended Warranty Options: Option to extend the service coverage beyond the initial two years for an additional fee.
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