MARDON Custom Sim Rigs

Want to build the ultimate custom sim rig? With MARDON we put you in the driver seat (pun intended). Outfitting your rig is an extremely important and personal endeavor, you should not have to compromise. Not sure where to start? Browse our pre-configured options below or contact for assistance with your custom build.

DBL Chassis

Named for our founder Donald B Lord, the DBL Chassis is a popular choice by Rookie and Veteran racers alike. With its relatively small footprint, light-weight, and high durability you will achieve maximum performance at a reasonable price point. Made with 40 series aluminum extrusion.

Chipper Chassis

The MARDON Chipper Chassis rigs come in two versions. a 120mm and a 160mm 40 series heavy duty aluminum extrusion. These rigs also support full motion and are designed for the experience or advanced racer. Currently these rigs are custom order only.