What is MARDON?

MARDON was started in 1988 by Donald B. Lord, grandfather of Bryan L Haynes. Over the course of his grandfather's life the MARDON Company has produced a variety of innovative products. One of the first products were custom wearable buttons that would light up using very small lights connected to a custom PCB and two watch batteries. This was innovative at the time and the whole family was involved in selling buttons to businesses, schools, fire departments, and civic organizations.

The most celebrated and most innovative product created by Bryan's grandfather was the Color Guard Sabre. Bryan's mother and Aunts were very active in both Color Guard and Winter Guard especially using Sabres. The problem was that there was only one company manufacturing sabre's and the design of these sabres meant after only a few drops the sabre would break.

Ever the engineer Don got to work on a better design, an indestructible design. He succeeded and the MARDON Sabre was born. For years the MARDON Sabre was THE SABRE to use in Central NY and surrounding areas in Northeastern United States. Ultimately Color Guards and Winter Guards popularity began to wain, while many color guard teams still exist, the sabre is rarely if ever used. The sabre is the most difficult skill to master in color guard so it is no surprise that it is now the least popular. If the sabre ever makes a comeback, MARDON still has the capacity to produce the highest quality sabres.

If you made it this far you are probably wondering "why computers?".

In the mid 1990's Don also built custom computers for family, friends, and local businesses. It was during this time that he gave Bryan his first exposure to building computers. Since the late 1990's Bryan has continued that tradition of building custom computers for anyone that wants one. It has also led Bryan on a career in IT and Cyber Security that has seen him hold Senior/Executive level positions in Private industry, Government, and the US Military.

So now you know what MARDON is, let us show you how we do quality, we would love to have you join the MARDON family.

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