MARDON is focused on providing high quality PCs, Rigs, and components at an affordable price. Your investment in Sim Racing is exactly the same as racing with an actual car. We take that same methodology here at MARDON. From the Engine (PC), to the Chassis (Rig), Pedals, Wheels, and Shifter you deserve components that match your desire to compete.   discover

What makes us different


Unlike other OEMs, MARDON PCs are built with components from well established manufacturers. Most performance PCs purchased from retailers only contain one or two quality components


With a MARDON PC you are not just getting quality components, you are getting a PC that has been painstakingly curated to meet your specific needs


A Performance PC is an investment, striking the right balance between dependability and performance ensures MARDON PCs remain affordable

Built by Hand

Every MARDON PC is built by hand when you order it right here in the USA

Peace of Mind

MARDON PC owners enjoy a FREE Three Year Limited Warranty to cover their investment*


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